Paris, 4 January 2008

The Dubai Court has heard the evidence in the rape case in which my son Alexandre Robert was the victim, and it has returned a verdict of guilty for two of the defendants. They have each been sentenced to fifteen (15) years in prison.

I would have preferred to see a heavier sentence imposed on the defendant who was infected with HIV, but the Dubai Public Prosecutor has now filed an appeal meaning that Dubai’s criminal law has served justice in this case.

The minor defendant will be judged by a juvenile court in the next month but he already pled guilty and has sent his regrets and apologies to Alexandre.

Any kind of rape is an horrible tragedy and causes severe emotional short and long-term trauma to the victim, like Alexandre, and it can threat the victim’s life.

Still, under a fair criminal justice system, those who commit rape should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and in that regard, justice has occurred for Alexandre in Dubai.

Alexandre and myself are grateful that those who raped him have been held responsible for such criminal acts.

I am pleased to be able to tell you, all around the world, that Dubai is committed to the enforcement of its rule of law in a fair and just manner.

The Government of Dubai, through its spokesperson in this case, Dr. Habib Al Mulla, has said in a interview to the French press agency AFP, that they will favourably consider the establishment of a rape victim care programme.  They have already received Professor Luc Montagné, the French Scientist who discover the Aids virus, in order to understood the importance of immediate tri-therapy in rape cases and the way to implement it.

The Federal Government of the United Arab Emirates, through the Under Secretary of the Health Ministery, M. Abdul Ghaffar al-Ghafour, has made a public statement on 12 December 2007 that there were 734 cases of Aids declared in UAE, with 35 new cases in 2007.
In his statement, he said that the Emirati Government will implement a five-year plan of action with awareness campaigns in order to fight the HIV virus.

I consider my demands for positive redress of the situation, to the UAE, have been met. I have therefore withdrawn the civil cases filed in Dubai, Paris and Geneva respectively.

For all these reasons, I will now close down this website which was established to raise the public and media attention of this case.
Alexandre and myself would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of you. Your support, your help and your warmest message give Alexandre the courage to fight in order to forget one day this traumatic matter.
We are really proud of you. By your voice, you give us the proof that World can be better if we just try to make it...

Véronique & Alexandre